PADI DiveMaster Course

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Why take the Divemaster course with us in Pattaya Thailand?

You will be training on the Pattaya islands, Samae san islands, Jomtien beach, you will be diving in swimming pools, diving off our 12 metre speed boats, large chartered boats.

You will get the chance to try different types of diving such as wreck diving, deep diving, drift diving etc. You will use equipment you probably haven’t used before, like full face masks, side mounts and dive propulsion vehicles.

We feel the Divemaster course should be a fun learning experience with a lot of laughter and jokes but placing the emphasis on safety, professionalism with great dives and training.

For us as experienced Instructors; if your “Divemasters know what they are doing and are having fun, then everyone is happy”

After diving there is always something to do in Pattaya whether it’s going out to restaurants, movies or * bars and *nightclubs (* just as long as you’re not diving the next day). We have Instructors/Divemasters/staff/customers which you can tag a long with and show you around the town. We also have our BBQ nights and ceremony nights at the dive center which are always fun.

Why Become a PADI Divemaster?

If you love scuba diving and would like to share it with others!! Take the PADI Divemaster course and do what you love to do as a career. As a Divemaster, you not only get to dive a lot, but also experience the joy of seeing others having as much fun diving as you do. Divemaster’s are leaders who run the dive boat, dive trip logistics, looking after certified divers and also assist dive instructors with their courses.

The PADI Divemaster course is the first professional level, and it is a very complete and rewarding course. During this course you will work closely alongside the amazing Real Divers team including our PADI Course Director and Master Instructors, you will be taught by some of the best in the dive business who have over 20 years of teaching this course in Pattaya.

PADI Divemaster Course options

PADI Divemaster – 10 to 14 days – 20 training dives.

PADI Divemaster Internship – 1 month – 40 training dives.

PADI Divemaster Internship plus Master scuba diver rating – 5 weeks – 50 training dives.

PADI Divemaster Course

Prerequisites & Requirements

Age Requirement 18 years or older

Course Prerequisites Rescue Diver, CPR and First Aid certification within 24 months, medical clearance to dive

The Divemaster course has 3 main parts of the course.

  • Knowledge development
  • Confined water
  • Ocean training

The PADI Divemaster course teaches you to be a leader and take charge of dive activities. Through knowledge development sessions, water skills exercises and workshops, and hands-on practical assessment, you develop the skills to organize and direct a variety of scuba diving activities.

Knowledge Development

  • The knowledge development is completed online before the course start date using PADI e-learning, which includes videos, diagrams and quizzes as you go over the knowledge reviews.
  • The knowledge will go over the role of the Divemaster, certified divers, assisting the Instructor on PADI courses plus lots more.
  • There are 2 exams – 1 exam is completed online with PADI e-learning and the other is completed near the end of the course with us.

Confined Water training (pool)

The water skills development and practical assessment activities will be spread out over the course duration, these are.

  • 400m swim/800m snorkel/100m tired diver tow/15min float/equipment exchange
  • Rescue assessment
  • Skill circuits from the Open water, Advanced and Rescue course until you achieve demonstration quality skill level.
  • Assisting our Dive Instructors teaching Open to Rescue courses in the pool.

Ocean Training – workshops and Practical assessment

With our experienced Dive Instructors you will be trained in these categories via workshops.

  • Workshop 1: ReActivate program (divers who haven’t dived for a while.)
  • Workshop 2: Skin Diver course and supervising snorkelers.
  • Workshop 3: Discover Scuba Diving program in confined water (first time divers)
  • Workshop 4: Discover Scuba Diving program – Additional open water dive
  • Workshop 5: Discover Local Diving in open water (orientation dive for divers that haven’t dived in this area before)
Practical Assessment

In our Dive Center we start PADI courses and programs virtually every day. You will be taught by our Top Instructors during your PADI Divemaster course interacting with real students, this is a very important part of your training. You are going to love it and find it very rewarding and meet a lot of new friends, these are the course that you will be assisting the Instructor with “Open water, Advanced, Specialties, Rescue diver and Divemaster trainees”.

  • Practical assessment 1: Open water student divers in confined water
  • Practical assessment 2: Open water student divers in open water
  • Practical assessment 3: Continuing education student divers in open water
  • Practical assessment 4: Certified divers in open water

On our dive internships you will be assisting many times and each time we will allow you to assist more by the end of your training you are almost ready for the next conquest which is either going on to work as a Divemaster or become a Dive Instructor.

PADI Divemaster package prices

PADI Divemaster course Budget package – 38,000B – 10 to 14 days
Divemaster course
PADI e-learning
All PADI mandatory materials for the course
Pool Sessions
Knowledge Development sessions
At least 20 Training dives
PADI Divemaster course Deluxe package – 44,000B – 1 month
Divemaster Internship course
PADI e-learning
All PADI mandatory materials for the course
Pool Sessions
Knowledge Development sessions
At least 40 Training dives
PADI Divemaster course Deluxe package – 64,000B – 5 weeks
Divemaster Internship course
PADI e-learning
All PADI mandatory materials for the course
Pool Sessions
Knowledge Development sessions
At least 50 Training dives
5 PADI specialties – Deep – Wreck – Navigation – Nitrox – DPV
Master Scuba Diver rating

There is a direct fee to PADI for your Divemaster application which is paid in Aussie dollars $242

We are flexible with our schedules and the courses can be completed over a series of weekends that can go on for as long as you like.

All the above course packages have no hidden costs.

We can teach the course in English, Chinese or Thai and have course materials in many other languages.

If you are interested in booking your PADI Advanced Diver course with us or you need more info? such as group discounts? let us know how many people and give us a phone call or email for the price. 


Phone: Dive center: 038-232-476

Phone: Neil: 087-602-1411

Phone: Kat (Thai): 094-459-4799